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GNS is where your children will find their first independent socially interacted scene.
It's a place where children pick up valuable lessons that leaves an indelible mark on their futures.

Special Features

Music & Dance

Through fusion of Western and Classical music & dance lessons, students will have the opportunity to participate in assemblies and school programmes.

Art / Craft

Through various mediums of pencils, crayons & water colours, the children are encouraged to showcase their artistic talents. Various kinds of handwork like clay modeling, origami, card making and 'Waste-to-wealth' activities give children the opportunity to gain and express their creativity and enjoy hands-on experience.

Cultural Activities

Dramatics, debating, public speaking and elocution for confidence building and skill-maximising activities contribute to well-rounded personalities.

Library / Literacy

Students are taught to use the library and to love books through weekly visits, which include teacher-instructed book reading.

Physical Education

We value physical health & strive to help every student enjoy participating in physical activities and sports. Our PE programme philosophy focuses on participation, good sportsmanship and having fun.

Students at all age levels will have lessons that are age-appropriate. The desired student learning outcome includes co-ordination, stamina, flexibility, game rules, specific-sports skills and discipline.

The following courses are followed:

  • Aerobics
  • Taekwondo
  • Yoga
  • Sports / Physical Education
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