Best international school in Brookefields


Through a maze of giggles, curiosity, exploration, creativity and sometimes even obstinacy, the young mind requires gentle prodding to be steered in the right direction. Everyone at GIS performs in a complete understanding of this thought. Sincerity and dedication are back with relevant training. The teachers are more of Learning Guides for the students, directing them in every way possible to achieve a sense of accomplishment. Constant dialogue is maintained with the child and with a class of a maximum of 25 students; your child receives focused attention. A lot of care and attention goes into ensuring that the student doesn't feel pressured in his/her learning process; and through a need-based system every individual student's skills are honed.

Spearheading the learning initiatives at GIS is our Principal, Dr. Sita Shankar (M.Sc. B.Ed., D.Litt. Ph.D, CSML Harvard Business School). She has a wealth of experience that ensures the best output from our guides. Dr. Sita Shankar is a person whose appetite for seeking knowledge and above all her love for children keep her young at heart. Even now, she prefers to see herself as a student (and literally so) as she believes in the Tamil saying:

"What I have learnt is a handful of Earth.
What is left unlearnt is the Earth itself!"