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Through a maze of giggles, curiosity, exploration, creativity and sometimes even obstinacy, the young mind requires gentle prodding to be steered in the right direction. The team at GIS performs in complete understanding of this thought. Sincerity and dedication are backed with relevant training and experience, allowing every teacher at GIS to each child's needs. The teachers are more of learning guides for the students directing them in every way possible to achieve a sense of accomplishment.

The Goal of the school

Great teachers make great students. Not great syllabus, curriculum or locations. Therefore, our primary goal is to develop a community of great teachers with the creative competencies of training and mentoring and guru-mind-setting, so that in 10-12 years of time the students would evolve into geniuses: firm, correct, complete and elegant in their thought, speech, behaviors, relationship and actions.

Parent Teacher Committee Members

priyanka thakur

Mrs. Priyanka Thakur

Committee Members

Smitha Gujar

Mrs. Smitha Gujar

Committee Members

Mr. Sundeep Kumar

Committee Members